8 tracks ► songs for daylight savings


►  So many songs, so little time. Time songs run the gamut–remembering when, wasting time, running out of, give me a little more of, reeling in and storing up and saving in a bottle, tonight, today, night and day, end of days. This playlist is simply a fun, cheeky mix to commemorate the setback of an hour.

►  A countdown:

–  •  The Clock • Paul Simon   ►   I’m not counting this 62-second piece as part of the official 8 tracks, but it does help to set the thematic tone.

8  •  Rock Around the Clock • Bill Haley & the Comets   ►   Always fun, this song. Somehow it does get you in the mood to put your glad rags on. [Of course, all you Dr. Who fans may prefer “Tick Tock Around the Clock” featuring the BBC National Orchestra.]

7  •  Fly Like an Eagle • The Steve Miller Band   ►   Tick-tock-tick, doo-doo-doo-doo.

6  • Ain’t No Time • Grace Potter & the Nocturnals   ►   There ain’t no way of pushing back the clocks, babe. Except, you know, by pressing those little buttons forty-hundred times.

5  •  Daylight Fading • Counting Crows ►   Come and waste another year. Or make it productive. Whatever, as we so eloquently said in the ’90s. In fact, this song kind of typifies the ’90s to me: angsty and artsy, poetic and electric. Ah, good music times.

4  •  Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More • The Allman Brothers   ►   Maybe this sentiment could be your daylight savings resolution? I mean, it’s up to you and me, brother, to try and try again. After all, time goes by like a hurricane. And faster things. And, don’t forget, the pouring rain.

3  •  Time After Time • Cyndi Lauper ►  I fall behind. (Story of my life.) Now if this playlist was a tender, contemplative set of time songs, I’d include the stripped-back Iron & Wine cover of this song to complement other tunes like, oh say, “Time” by The Greencards or “Clocks Go Forward” by James Bay or “11 O’Clock Tick Tock” by U2 or maybe even “Clocks” by Coldplay.

2  •  If I Could Turn Back Time • Cher ►   And now you can. But just by an hour.

1  •  Time is on My Side • The Rolling Stones   ►   This gal humbly recommends the cut of this song that is track 4 on the 1965 Decca album The Rolling Stones. It’s the intro that gets me. And the generally raw, authentic quality of the early years of the band, still seeped in blues covers and that terrifically jangly percussion.  

►   Bonus Tracks  »  Back in Time / Power of Love • Huey Lewis & the News   ► 

Essentially the theme songs to Back to the Future. Talk about turning back the clocks.

In fact, maybe the under-the-sea dance is what Ingrid Michaelson was sings about in “Time Machine”? And if you want to hear something the under-the-sea dancers weren’t ready for but their kids are gonna love, check out the cover of “Johnny B. Goode” by none other than Jimi Hendrix himself (live from Berkley in 1970). A smashing rendition, for sure.

unless otherwise noted * graphics, photographs, text © 2016 hilary hall

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