8 tracks ► songs of the night (for New Year’s Eve)


►  New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. Songs in this playlist relate to the night. Or midnight. Or tonight. Generally speaking, we’re looking at tunes that heat up when the sun goes down.

Happy New Year!

►  In order of personal preference:

8  •  After Midnight • Eric Clapton   ►   Pretty sure a lot of people will be letting it all hang down after midnight tonight. And will also be chug-a-lugging and shouting. But I’m not sure how many people will be shaking a tambourine.

7  • Wild Night • Van Morrison   ►   It’s calling.

6  • Night Moves • Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band   ►   The poignant power of the last verse is almost enough to make you forget that most of the song is about after-hours shenanigans of a certain nature…

5  •  In the Still of the Night • Deon and the Belmonts   ►   A little doo-wop to close out the year.

4  •  We’ve Got Tonight • Bob Seger   ►   Yes, another Seger song. And yes, I do associate this song with a very moving scene from The Wonder Years. And then I associate it with a conversation I had with a college friend about this song and the very moving scene from The Wonder Years.

3  •  Tonight, Tonight • Smashing Pumpkins   ►   Call me a product of the ’90s, but I really like the orchestral accents and driving rhythm passages of this song.

2  •  Because the Night • 10,000 Maniacs   ►   The live take of this track on Playing Favorites has a lovely little string intro.  And I would have to say that second to Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve may, in fact, be a night that belongs to lovers.

1  •  Wonderful Tonight • Eric Clapton   ►   The second two-fer of the playlist, this set opens and closes with Clapton songs. Clapton takes a mundane snapshot of married life (“Yes, dear, you look fine. No, that dress does not make you look fat.”) and turns it into one of the greatest love songs of all time. Well played, Clapton. Well played.   

►   Bonus Tracks   [for a strong finish and a fresh start]  »

» Long December • Counting Crows   ►   »   Hoping that you, too, have reason to believe that this year will be better than the last.

»  Auld Lang Syne • James Taylor   ►   Personally I don’t think anyone can ever outdo Judy Garland’s version of this song. But for a scaled-back, soulful contemplation of remembering (or not) auld acquaintances, I like Taylor’s cover. I also highly recommend the careful, moving acapella version of this song as performed by LeAnn Rimes.

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