8 tracks ► songs for April showers (double-disc playlist)


►  Under the weather. This week April is living up to its reputation: Rain showers in abundance for much of this part of the country.

To help cope with the rainy-day blues, here are a few weather-appropriate song selections. Since there are so many apt selections, it’s a double-disc playlist.

►  Side A:

intro  •  Here Comes that Rainy Day Feeling Again • The Fortunes   ►  It always seems to be a Monday. Amen, brother.

8  •  3 a.m. • Matchbox Twenty   ►  I can’t help it: I think of this song every time it rains. You can take a girl out of the ’90s, but you can’t take the ’90s out of the girl.

7  •  Have You Ever Seen the Rain? / Who’ll Stop the Rain? • Creedence Clearwater Revival ►   Had to happen. This band has a lock on inquisitive rain songs.

6  •  No Rain • Blind Melon   ►   All I can do is speak my point of view (but it’s not sa-aaa-aaane). You know I’m really gonna have it made.

5  •  A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall • Bob Dylan   ►   If Dylan did even half of the things mentioned in this song, then he did, in fact, know his song well before he started singing it.

4  • The Rain Song • Led Zeppelin   ►   Into every life a little rain must fall…and that may not be a bad thing if it is accompanied by a 12-string guitar like the one featured in this classic.

3  • Kentucky Rain • Elvis Presley   ►   The King sang several rain songs, but this one is my favorite.

2  •  Little Rain • The Rolling Stones ►   The Stones are showing their roots with this simple and straightforward blues number. Blue and lonesome indeed.

1  •  Walking in Memphis • Marc Cohn   ►   Catfish on the table, gospel in the air—you’ve got a prayer in Memphis.  

►   Bonus Track   »   Under the Weather • K.T. Tunstall   ►   »
It’s simply irrational weather—can’t even hear myself think. I just love this acoustic little song that starts with a bouncy, almost chime-like melody but breaks bad just a little bit in a few places.

►  Side B:

8  •  Rainy Days and Mondays • The Carpenters ►  Double whammy.

7  •  Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head • B.J. Thomas   ►   Out of respect for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

6  •  Rain • The Beatles  ►   When it rains and shines, it’s just a state of mind.

5  •  I Wish It Would Rain Down • Phil Collins  ►   Just let it.

4  •  Purple Rain • Prince  ►   This song achieves so much with so little. I mean, how many different musical traditions can you hear in this song? Just wow.

3  • November Rain • Guns N Roses   ►   Nothing lasts forever, but this power ballad kind of makes you wish it did.

2  •  Rain King • Counting Crows   ►   Rain features prominently in many Counting Crows’ songs, but this one is the most fun to sing.

1  •  I Wish It Would Rain • The Temptations   ►   If a romantic comedy has not been written just for this song, then one should be.

►   Bonus Track   »   Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away • Caedmon’s Call   ►   »
This catchy little-known tune borrows its melodic chorus riff from the childhood nursery rhyme and may just have you bidding the showers to stay around just a little longer.

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photograph "A Rainy Day" by Nathaniel Laundau courtesy of Flickr