8 tracks ► songs for the eclipse


►  Dark Side of the Moon. This once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon seems an apt occasion for a side of music. So for your viewing pleasure, here’s a playlist to go with the moon and the stars and the sun.

►  In order of play:

8  •  Brighter than the Sun • Colbie Caillat   ►   This is how it starts: pop-py with some fun clapping in the background.

7  •  Bad Moon Rising • Creedence Clearwater Revival   ►   For those of you who may feel what one article described as “a sense of imminent doom and foreboding.” Here’s hoping for, well, not that.

6  •  Behind the Moon • Matt Costa   ►   Fun in a darkly upbeat kind of way, I just really like this song.

5  • Ain’t No Sunshine • Bill Withers   ►   Especially if she’s going to be gone, say, between the hours of 2 and 3 (at least around here, that is).

4  •  Rocket Man • Elton John   ►   It might feel like it’s gonna be a long, long time…but actually another one of these eclipses will happen in about 18 months. Just probably not over the continental United States for, like, hundreds of years! Or maybe in 2024.

OR   •  Space Oddity • David Bowie   ►  If your tastes run a bit more in favor of this astronautical tune.

3  •  Satellite • Dave Mathews Band   ►   Look up, look down, all around—but not directly at the sun.

2  •  Instant Karma • the Beatles   ►   Like the moon and the stars and sun, we all shine on. (And on and on and on.)

1  •  Eclipse • Pink Floyd   ►   when everything under the sun is in tune •
Perfect accompaniment for the peak moment. (And I do understand that some people have had to beg, borrow or steal those special glasses. )

►   Bonus Track   »   [Laura’s Pick]   »   Intergalactic • Beastie Boys   ►   »   Leave it to Laura to rock this eclipse in totality.

►   Bonus Track   »   Total Eclipse of the Heart • Bonnie Tyler   ►   »   Because how could I not?

►   Alternate Playlist   »   Shine On You Crazy Diamond (all the parts) • Pink Floyd   ►   »   I’d say for the totality of a psychedelic experience, just play these 2 songs (all 9 parts) for the entire viewing. But start early: It would take about 30 minutes to play through both songs.

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