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Twin picks

Chronicling the songs of the day (from Monday to Monday).

The songs ►

No rhyme. No reason. Just the songs.

The week ► love & the juke box at the local pub / so few rebels / desert island bands / high school jams circa ’97 / under the wire / yinz & kismet car stickers / missed connections / native variants / stray dog / prototype couple / honoring Greg Allman


The week ► the blind side / blah blah blah / car dancing / dance it out


The week ► taking on water / doubting Thomases / wax museum / rainy beach vacation


The week ► Rod Stewart hair & stonewashed jorts / sidekick business / me and you and James Dean / birthday season / taking it like a champ / crimp on sanity / 5-piece blues band for back-up / summer reset


The week ► hives / jolt of pop for getting one’s game on / in appreciation of ’80s keyboards / hoofing it all over creation / slacking off (picks-wise) / car bands



the Carolina girls ►

Laura • Northern twin living in South Carolina  a rock-n-roll genius & popcorn aficionado.

Hilary • Southern twin living in North Carolina  Sat beside Laura in rock-n-roll history class.

Laura & Hilary met during college orientation at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where their twinship was forged through Intro to Psych, old movies, Peanuts cartoons, grammar, and, of course, rock-n-roll. They both endorse getting the Led out.


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