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►  Let it snow. Around here, we love a good snow day. Which is handy because this week we’ve been out of school more than we’ve been it! All of this atypical-for-these-parts-even-in-the-winter snowfall has given me some time to reflect on songs that feature snow and cold weather in title or content.

Besides “Ice Ice Baby,” that is. It goes without saying that Vanilla Ice’s hit will top all the charts on this topic—and why not? It’s fun, it’s thematic, and it’s got that killer bass riff ripped from “Under Pressure” by David Bowie and Queen. But this playlist brings a few other contenders into the mix.

8  •  Cold as Ice • Foreigner   ►   Because how could I resist this fun thematic tune?

7  •  Tracks in the Snow • the Civil Wars   ►   Simply transfixing with its delicate guitar and poignant vocals, which call to my mind a staggering blend of Abigail Washburn and Stevie Nicks.

6  •  Cold Day in the Sun • Foo Fighters   ►   Admittedly, the content of this song does not relate to a snow day, but that’s okay because the title describes the perfect setting for snowball fights and sledding.

5  • Shiver • Coldplay   ►   The song title and band name make this track a natural pick for this playlist. And also I like it.

4  •  Snow (Hey Oh) • Red Hot Chili Peppers   ►   I can’t help myself: I’m drawn in with the first hammer of the catchy guitar lick. Moreover, this song DOES talk about snow in its equally catchy refrain: “In between the cover of another perfect wonder/Where it’s so white as snow.”

3  •  Set Fire to the Third Bar • Snow Patrol with Martha Wainwright   ►   Because after being cooped up for days on end, you just might feel like setting fire to something.

2  •  Out in the Cold • Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers   ►   Body and soul, there’s a Tom Petty song for everything—-even snow days, where “there’s nowhere to go” and you’re “out in the cold” “with a hard wind” at your back. Bonus: Fans of “Here Comes My Girl” will be delighted by Petty’s rock-crooner speaking bit toward the end of the song.

1  •  Same Old Lang Syne • Dan Fogelberg   ►   I could not have been more than 5 years old when I first heard this song from the backseat of my parents’ old rust-colored Honda. At the time I remember thinking that this song was just heart-breaking. I still agree. But since that first hearing, I always associate this song with snow because of that last line: “The snow turned into rain.” 

►   Bonus Track   »   [Laura’s Picks]

»   Sometimes It Snows in April • Prince   ►   »   All good things, they say, will never last. But you can put it on repeat. Or listen to the Coldplay cover of this song with Lianne La Havas.

»   Love Like Winter • AFI   ►   »   Decemberunderground could maybe extend through February or even March, depending on where you live.

►   Bonus Tracks   »   a little country  

»   Footprints in the Snow • Bill Monroe   ►   »   It seems that even bluegrass country has a few snow days.

»   Cold Cold Heart • Norah Jones   ►   »   A sultry cover of a honky-tonk classic.

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