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Essentially this feature is a way to carry on the proud tradition of the mixed tape via playlists of 8 songs on a specific topic. In my alternate life as a disc jockey, this would be the radio show I’ve been planning since high school.

Listen to these playlists (and more!) on Spotify @ spotify/hilwolfe.

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April Showers » To help cope with the rainy-day blues, here is a double-disc playlist of weather-appropriate songs.

Christmas » A playlist that just might have you rocking around the Christmas tree.

 Daylight Savings » A fun, cheeky mix to commemorate the setback of an hour.

the Eclipse » A playlist to go with this once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon.

Gatsby » A playlist to go along with F. Scott’s Fitzgerald’s classic work The Great Gatsby–just in time for prom season and those popular Roaring ’20s prom themes.

Girls’ Names

part 1 » A playlist that narrows down the playing field to songs with girls’ names in the titles and features some of the most classic songs in the category.

part 2 » From mellow to manic, this playlist features more songs with girls’ names.

Good Advice (for the New Year) » A playlist that examines what good advice our musical forebears may have for us in the new year.

Good Covers » A motley assortment of (what I consider) good cover songs.

the Ides » This playlist turns March’s madness on its head and comes in like a lamb and out like a lion.

Independence » A double-dose of songs for a red-hot-and-blue playlist on this day of flags and fireworks.

the Lovelorn » A little bit sad, a little bit beautiful, this playlist is a whole lot of awesome for the lovelorn this Valentine’s Day.

March Madness » A playlist for the Big Dance.

Mardi Gras » A bit jazzy, a bit bluesy, a bit gritty, a bit bubbly, this playlist captures the esprit de corps of the Big Easy.

Moving On (for high school graduation) » A playlist of (mostly) classic songs that feel honest, reflective, and hopeful–the best mix of songs (and emotions) for any high school graduate.

the Night (for New Year’s Eve) » Tunes that heat up when the sun goes down.

the Road » With a singer-songwriter bent and a twinge of country, these songs remind me of all those trips to my grandmother’s house.

Snow Days » A playlist for when the weather outside is frightful.

Tailgating » Like a good host, a good tailgating mix helps people feel comfortable, with songs that are familiar yet fresh.

Tom Petty Tribute » A double playlist.