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The essays published on this blog generally fall into a handful of categories, primarily related to music, culture and design.

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southlandish_verticalI’m not sure if it’s the Tennessee birthright or all those Civil War novels I read before I was 12, but whatever the reason, I continually find myself compelled to do as Faulkner himself instructed and “tell about the South.”

And so this blog feature is more of the same, a telling of things southerly—that is, of things situated toward the South. Topics range from food and drink to books and basketball and focus on defining these items and exploring their place in Southern culture.


Abigail Washburn & Sounds of Appalachina » Yes, you read that right: Appalachina. A blending of Appalachia and China. Which is a perfect description of the music of Abigail Washburn, a Mandarin-speaking claw-hammer banjo player.

Heirloom Quilts » Because she was afraid she would die before I ever got married, my grandmother gave me my wedding quilt when I was 19.

I Wonder as I Wander » A Southern carol epitomizes the Appalachian folk song: austere in melody and meaning, with no clear origin to speak of, surviving across time through oral tradition.

Loblolly: A Novel with a Southern Accent » An out-of-print treasure epitomizes the Southern novel, accent and all.

Repurposed Window » Part folk art, part organizational decor, this display shows off a variety of Southern design standards.

Tobacco Road

part 1 » A trashy novel and a whole lot of tobacco. Or, How Tobacco Road got its name–and became a college basketball heartland.

│ part 2 » A further look into the origins of Tobacco Road. Or, How a football conference can turn into a basketball powerhouse.

Wisteria » I’ve heard it said that you make your own luck. If that’s so, then I must be doing it wrong.

rogueplainsquareMore like an op-ed column, this blog beat gives voice to the everyday-run-of-the-mill-type of person whose non-sensational perspective often runs counter to the hype and hubbub of today’s selfie society.

Topics largely relate to identity, technology, and just getting through the day.

Rogue │

Big Deal » In which the author looks at going big in your own small ways.

Of Southern Belles & Mermaid Tails » In which the author looks at the response to just one question: “If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?”


etcetera │

Little League & Me » What a rookie baseball mom learns from just one season of Little League.

Why I Live at the P.O. (Or How to Lose Your Mind in 25 Minutes & Counting) » If Eudora Welty ever had to stand in a line like this…


quiversquaregrayin the Quiver │

For more posts by Hilary, visit intheQuiver.com where she joins a couple of friends in writing about faith, motherhood, and DIYs.





• Tell about the South. What’s it like there.
What do they do there. Why do they live there.
Why do they live at all…   •
from Absalom, Absalom! by William Faulkner