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Clover & Pine Studio is an original graphic design brand that puts a literary twist on  typographic design. To purchase or customize prints of the graphics featured on this site or to view more designs, visit clover & pine on Etsy.

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Adventure now » Among many beloved passages, this is a favorite of mine from Peter Pan, who I have long suspected would have felt right at home in any Southern woodland.

American Girl » A bit of a folksy, patriotic twist on an illustrated line from the Tom Petty classic “American Girl.”

the Heart » An illustrated line from the catchy, uplifting tune “The Heart” by NeedtoBreathe.

Hyacinths to feed the soul » This typographical artwork features a favorite snatch of poetry, excerpted from a longer work by Sadi, a thirteenth century Persian poet.

If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On » A graphic interpretation of a line from William Shakespeare’s comedy TWELFTH NIGHT gives a retrospective nod to the fine art of the mixed tape.

Into the Woods » An illustrated quote from Stephen Sondheim’s hit Broadway musical INTO THE WOODS.

Keep Calm & Dr. Pepper  » Are you a pepper?

Life is full of whimsical happenings » A typographical redux of a Sherlock Holmes quote from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story entitled “The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone.”

• Life motto » A graphic redux of the original LIFE MAGAZINE memo that bore the full motto of the publication. With some new lines as interpreted by the 2013 film THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY.

• To Kill a Mockingbird » An illustrated quote from Harper Lee’s masterwork To Kill a Mockingbird.

So few want to be rebels » A typographical illustration of a favorite line from Ray Bradbury’s prescient work Fahrenheit 451.

Stop all the clocks » This typographic redux of lines from “Funeral Blues,” a poem by British poet W. H. Auden.